Sizing Guidelines

Let us help you choose the right size Belly Wrap:


Size Pre—Pregnancy Pants Size Belly Measurement
Petite 28-32 (smaller 32) 65-83cm
Small 32-34 (larger 32) 84-102cm
Medium 36-38 103-120cm
Large 40-42 121-140cm

Choose the Correct Size:

  1. Measure around your belly 4-5cm below your belly button at 33-35 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. Take your measurement around the buttocks area, not up at the waist.
  3. Subtract 8 – 12cm (10 – 20cm for twins) for post birth size estimate. Reduce weight by 5 – 7kgs for post birth weight (9kg for twins).
  4. If you are not pregnant but need the support post-abdominal surgery, use the actual measurement with no adjustment.

Note: The chart is based on an average height of 1.65m.


For more assistance with sizing please Contact Us.